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On The Road

On The Road

Charlottesville, Virginia
September 21, 2005

Dear Folks;
I plan on heading out no later than 0600 tomorrow. I had given some consideration to borrowing a reserve ambulance the hospital owns (they have several just
sitting around, waiting to be deployed for odd emergency or two), fully stocked with
"donated" medical supplies and drive it down the disaster area in order to better aid this mission that I have tasked myself with. But the fact remains that however noble my cause, I think both my employer and the local, state and federal law enforcement authorities would take a dim view of such an act on my part.

They do have such a plebian view of these things.

Right then. My ultimate destination is Waveland, Mississippi where the Rainbow Family is running a kitchen in cooperation with the Bastrop (Texas) Church of Christ and the 7th Day Adventist Disaster Response team (ACTS). Additionally, they are also operating a small medical aid station. I was talking with a cat named "Stone" who was working CALM (the Rainbow Family version of a battalion aid station) and he was quite happy indeed that I was coming down to lend a hand.
I hope I will be of some help to those folks, and that this relief mission has at least some modicum of success. I have been extremely priviledged in that many of my friends and colleagues have donated supplies, and more importantly, CASH, to make this trip possible. To all who have contributed to help with this rescue mission to our beloved Southland, I shall be forever in your debt. Therefore, I feel a significant responsibility to provide the best care as I can, and to assist my countrymen in Mississippi in whatever way I may be of service.
Apparently, there is very reliable intelligence that the climate along the Gulf Coast is extremely hot with high humidity, so I have resigned myself to sleeping in a hammock and roasting in my own sweat. I should be ok, though, for I am packing in excess of 15 gallons of water and a big can of Gatorade mix. In case you are curious, I also have;
Kerosene, 5 gallons
Gasoline, 12 gallons
Propane, 20 lb tank
Assorted medical gear
Medical oxygen
Survival knife
Batteries, multiple, assorted types
Hand tools
Camping supplies
Laptop computer
Digital camera
Glow in the dark Buddha

This last I already had, and will be bringing it along
as a talisman to ward off any bad mojo that may come
my way. For added protection, I plan on placing a Jewish Mazuza along the doorframe of the truck. I've been looking for a plastic Jesus as well, but unfortunately none have been easily available. Hopefully God (or some reasonable facsimile thereof) will be my co-pilot. Not that Subkommander Dred is a religous man. Indeed, he is not. But, it never hurts to cover your bases, just in case. Why take a chance? After all, the prudent man is the prepared one.

Your most humble servant,

Subkommander Dred


Blogger Stone said...


The week you spent here in the medical clinic at the "New Waveland Cafe" was a lifesaver for so many people- literally. I cannot thank you for coming here and working 20 hours a day. Your skills, thoughtfulness, humanity and insight are traits which are rare!

Your friend,

2:20 PM  
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