Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dr Dreds Medicine Sh

Dr Dred’s Medicine Show

  I can no longer sit by and watch as millions of my countrymen are forced to fend for themselves in the aftermath of Katrina, and now Rita. While our government has failed our republic, it is the common citizen that is stepping forward and coming to the aid of our brothers and sisters. I would be a fraud to exhort others to do so and yet stay safe and comfortable at home. If I am to keep my rank as Subkommander, the time has now come that I put up or shut up. Therefore, I have undertaken a rescue mission of sorts, and plan to arrive in Waveland, Mississippi sometime Friday, September 23. The Rainbow Family has a kitchen there, and they seem to be providing for many with limited resources. If you are interested, you can Google them to check out what they are all about. Wikipedia also has a good article as well.
   In either case, I will be departing in just a few short hours now for the Southland. The vehicle I am driving is a huge V8 pickup truck with lots of bells and whistles. The cargo bed is packed to the gunwales with medical equipment; tools, water and camping gear, and hopefully I will be able to render some minor assistance in my capacity as a highly trained health care professional. Yes, it is an alter ego that I sometimes assume, when not leading a huge army of the vast lumpenprolariat, fellow citizens and members of the human family, proud negroes and white trash, hopheads, squares, beatniks, burned out rock n rollers with one foot in their graves…you know the rap.
   I shall attempt to keep the communiqués coming, however the situation is relatively primitive, hence communications are of necessity problematic. However, I shall stoically attempt to remain in communication.

                                        Your most humble servant,

                                                Subkommander Dred


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