Saturday, September 10, 2005

Brownie youre a dead

“Brownie, you’re a dead man.”

How is it that in a democratic republic such as ours, the mediocre and criminally incompetent manage to surface to the top, while hard working, bright and experienced professionals are tossed aside? This is especially true when the bright and experienced professionals break with the party line. Then, they are either shown the door, as in the case of U.S. Army General Eric Shinseki (a Vietnam veteran who had part of a foot blown off in combat), or attacked, as in the respective cases of Richard Clark or Ambassador James Wilson. General Shinseki lost favor with Donald Rumsfeld and the Neo Cons by suggesting that the battle plan for Iraq was woefully undermanned, on the order of about several hundred thousand soldiers. And both Mr. Clark and Ambassador Wilson have been viciously attacked by administration toadies in the executive and legislative branches, as well as their various media organs for spilling their guts on what they knew regarding the lies the administration had been pedaling about Al Queda, Saddam Hussein and Iraq.
So, here we are, 4 years after that bright September morning in which our country was attacked and thousands of fellow citizens were murdered in cold blood. Despite a massive governmental reorganization, the likes of which had not been seen since the establishment of the National Security Act of the Truman administration, despite assurances from our elected government officials that they were now better able to respond to any calamity, whether an act of crazed extremists or an act of God, it appears that “Business As Usual” remains the course of this most corrupt and rotten political regime. Indeed, I wound venture so far as to say that crazed extremists have taken over the federal government. It would appear that we have learned little, other than the total and complete mendacity, the utter moral bankruptcy, the political and physical cowardice of George W. Bush. George 43, with the aid of Karl Rove and a cast of thousands of Republican Party cadre have proven only to well that they can run and win a political campaign. When it comes to matters of running our country, however, they really haven’t a clue. Could someone in our current government please provide a rational explanation as to why the top 5 of 8 slots in the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been given over to slick PR skels? I fear that an answer to that question will be a long time in coming, for the obvious fact that there is no good reason. Why in the world would a president pick, not a former cop or a firefighter, a seasoned street medic or even a national guard general, but the college roommate of a political operative with no experience in disaster management, to be the head of FEMA? How could a well respected organization such as FEMA, lauded by talking heads and politicians of various political stripes for their timely and professional response to disasters during the Clinton administration (the Oklahoma City bombing, the Northridge earthquake) turn so quickly into a parking lot for cheap political hustlers and cretins, too stupid to hold down a job in the real world that they have to rely on political connections for a job?
George W. Bush has vowed to lead an investigation himself to find out who is responsible for the pathetic response to the disaster in the Gulf States. However, it has become apparent to all who have eyes with which to see and brains with which to think that George W. Bush couldn’t lead a circle jerk at a fraternity party triple kegger, much less the government of a nation as grand as the United States. Michael Brown and Michael “Ming the Merciless” Chertoff, his boss from the Department of Homeland Security (alas, we are no longer a republic but a “Homeland,” as my man Gore Vidal once said) are both prime examples of “Business As Usual” with the Bush Administration. You know…you just know…in the same way you the know the sun is up in the sky…that George W. Bush is going to have Brownie and Ming over to the White House for a photo op, pin some nice big medals on the lapels of their respective 5000 dollar suits and thank them profusely for their service to the country. He did the same thing for former DCI George Tenet, Former CPA Head Paul Bremer and US General Tommy Franks, all for the great job they did regarding Iraq. Unless the definition of the term “doing a heck of a job” has changed lately, it would be hard for anyone with an IQ above 60 to understand what he was talking about when George W. Bush told Brownie he was doing a heck of a job. Yes, while George W. Bush leads the circle jerk in the Oval office, the bodies of thousands of our countrymen lay bloated and rotting in the toxic waste dump that once was the city of New Orleans.
It has fallen to the common citizen to answer the call of their brothers and sisters. Like that kid who stole a bus in New Orleans and spirited out over 100 survivors from the city, making a 10 hour dash to safety in the Houston Astrodome. The story of another, buying a 2nd hand school bus with money out of his own pocket, and after stocking it with relief supplies, started running other evacuees out of the danger zone. The folks at Camp Casey-Covington, who set up a soup kitchen and medical aid station, are making daily forays into the wreckage of southern Louisiana to save whoever they can. There are more, many more folks, who want to help, but are being thwarted by the very administration responsible for the pathetic response to this disaster. Hundreds of airboat owners from Florida who were willing to rescue those trapped have been prevented from doing so, a completely staffed mobile hospital has been held up just a short distance from the disaster area, a contingent of sheriffs deputies and other public safety personnel from Loudon County, Virginia were turned back by the National Guard despite having been specifically requested by the civic leaders of a Louisiana parish. This is the type of response that our tax dollars are paying for?
In the meantime, it turns out that mercenaries are being brought in to secure whatever is left of New Orleans. While private citizens of the Crescent City are being told to evacuate or else, hired goons are descending upon the city like a horde of locusts, eager to do the bidding of their corporate masters. While members of the press are having their 1st amendment rights curtailed (with reports of cops and soldiers pointing weapons at journalists or beating them up and taking away their cameras), Dick Cheney gives interviews talking about ‘the great progress’ that has been made in Iraq…er, I mean the relief effort. While American citizens are having their 2nd amendment rights to bear arms abrogated (the New Orleans Police Department as well as the National Guard are under orders to take away the firearms all who have managed to survive this disaster in New Orleans), the likes of Blackwater Security are feeding heavily at the public trough. Will these corporate hired guns also be relieved of their firearms? Or are they somehow ‘more equal than others’ when it comes to basic constitutional freedoms?
This is America? This is what we have come to? Our country is being destroyed by the lies and greed of corporations and their politically connected stooges. How much longer can we endure this assault on America? We must impeach those that have sold us out. We must take back our government. Our country was borne out of a bloody revolution against a tyranny of an unaccountable, far removed and out of touch monarchy. The blood, sweat and sacrifice of so many that have come before surely deserves a better legacy that the pathetic excuse of a federal government we have today. Sisters, brothers, citizens, friends! I call upon all patriots to fight the despotic corporate machine now running our country into the ground. If we do act quickly, we shall all become slaves of the Babylonian nabobs cavorting in Wall Street boardrooms and the Oval office. We must save our country and our constitution. We must impeach the lying, sleazy bastards that got us into this mess.


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